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The traditional ceremony of burying the dead, also called intermet, is an outward display of respect with the procedures being determined by an individual's cultural or religious customs.  It the most common Christian method of disposition.  There are cemeteries and memorial gardens throughout the world and the custom of placing a headstone or marker to mark the place is used in almost every modern culture.

Traditional funeral services are established by one’s cultural or religious customs.  These services include a time for families and friends to gather for a visitation or viewing.  These services include a funeral at the funeral home or at a church, with the casketed remains present.  A procession to a cemetery, or place of final disposition, follows the funeral service.  Traditional funeral services are usually public, but can be private.


As we plan the funeral service with you, we suggest many ways to make the funeral service as personal and unique as the individual. We understand every family's wishes are different, that's why we offer choices. Together with the family we can create a unique service of remembrance. We are versed in the special traditions of all faiths to meet the needs of each and every family, and will take care of every detail on your behalf.

Our professional assistance in coordinating these services goes beyond scheduling, ushering and arranging flowers. Whether the services are held at the funeral home, a house of worship, cemetery, or public place, we are there to assist you. We are also glad to care for honorariums to clergy, musicians and others, on behalf of the family. We can bring appropriate stands, easels or other equipment necessary for appropriate personal displays and be sure all your wishes and every detail are carried out. We work unobtrusively; yet can guide family members or church volunteers who wish to assist.

Gently guiding and gathering family appropriately, warmly greeting guests, and assisting those with special needs are part of our expertise. We are prepared for the unexpected and our help insures that the clergy and others can concentrate fully on their roles. Everyone who has experienced this quiet, yet efficient, attention to detail has thanked us for making this experience as special as it should be.




1. Viewing /Visitation

This event allows close family to receive relatives and friends before the service, typically with the casket present. This may be one or two days before the service. An evening prayer or scripture service may also be part of the visitation.


3. Funeral Home or House of Worship Services

Floral tributes surround the casket of a contemporary or religious chapel ceremony at the funeral home or house of worship followed by a procession to the cemetery.  In coordination with a representative of your church, we will diligently see to it that every detail is planned and carried out according to your instructions.  Music and readings may be incorporated into the service as desires as well as a prepared digital tribute to highlight the deceased's life and story.


4. Graveside Services

Graveside services are held at the site of burial often following a chapel or church service.  These services consist of scripture readings, a eulogy, poetry, and music, and may be accompanied by a visitation or viewing the evening before.  A graveside service is a sensible alternative for small services.


5. Memorial Services

Memorial services are conducted when the deceased is not present and is meant to show honor and respect to all concerned.  These services may take place anywhere the family desires.  This is an opportunity to remember your loved one through fellowship with friends and family.  A personalized memorial service with photographs and memoribilia can be held in our funeral home chapel, house of worship or a location of your choice.



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