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Facts You Should Know When Planning a Funeral or Cremation Service

There is no greater gift to your family than the gift of planning your arrangements now.  Today, while you are functioning at full capacity, take the time and energy that planning requires and consider all of the options available to you.  Give yourself the gift of peace of mind which planning affords you.  Not only will you able to assure that your wishes are understood, you also are removing a tremendous amount of responsibility for those you may leave behind.  Make the necessary decisions and then sit down with your loved ones and explain what you have done.  Allow them the opportunity to be totally informed with the realization that the choices were your own.

We at Hockaday Funeral and Cremation Service consider it a great honor when an individual or family consider planning in advance of a need top priority.  It shows great wisdom and compassion.  You may choose to walk through the initial phase alone or you may wish for us to assist you.  Either way, begin the process by evaluating the Facts You Should Know When Planning a Funeral or Cremation Service.


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