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Hockaday Funeral and Cremation Service is dedicated to providing professional services and benefits that are 100 percent guaranteed.  If your need is immediate or if you are planning in advance, we are prepared to offer you the best possible guidance and support with serious attention to detail in a caring and compassionate manner.  We consider it an honor to serve every family who comes to us during their time of loss and we tailor the event to fit your family's needs, desires, background, beliefs and personal preferences.  No act is too great or small for us when it comes to assuring your complete satisfaction. Whether you choose a cremation service or a traditional funeral service, a crypt in a mausoleum, a grave in a cemetery or placement of an urn in a cremation garden, we invite you to visit our facility. We’re here to help you.

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Praying HandsMany families are now considering cremation and Hockaday Funeral and Cremation Service is pleased to offer a choice of services before and after the cremation takes place.  You may still have a funeral or memorial service, visitation or night of remembrance or any form of acknowledgement to share sympathy, support and respect.   You also have unlimited options for memorialization when making cremation arrangements since there is no standard cremation arrangement.  After the cremation is complete, you may choose to retain the cremated remains in a beautiful urn or other container, place them in a ground space or scatter them at sea or in a place that has special meaning.  Our experienced funeral directors will assist you in developing a dignified cremation service that is right for you and your family.

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The traditional ceremony of burying the dead, also called intermet, is an outward display of respect with the procedures being determined by an individual's cultural or religious customs.  It the most common Christian method of disposition.  There are cemeteries and memorial gardens throughout the world and the custom of placing a headstone or marker to mark the place is used in almost every modern culture.

Traditional funeral services are established by one’s cultural or religious customs.  These services include a time for families and friends to gather for a visitation or viewing.  These services include a funeral at the funeral home or at a church, with the casketed remains present.  A procession to a cemetery, or place of final disposition, follows the funeral service.  Traditional funeral services are usually public, but can be private.



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