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In order to maintain a significant role in our community and provide the best funeral and cremation services possible, we are committed to the following:

* Extraordinary value and thoughtfulness to our client-families
* Dignified care of the deceased
* Personalized services which are tailored to the uniqueness of each family
* Dependable and careful attention to detail

* Professional staff enabled to go the extra mile

 * Grief support and information to assist each family in making wise decisions
* Safety programs for all ages in our community


Locally Owned & Operated:  We, at Hockaday Funeral and Cremation Service, proudly maintain our independence as the only funeral home owned by someone born and raised in the Roanoke Valley.  We believe we can best serve our community by being directly accountable to you.  We conduct our vocation with compassion and sensitivity, respecting your right to choose without undue influence and knowing that our most valuable asset is our reputation.  Our staff is expected and empowered to do anything it takes to serve your family in the best manner possible.

Personalized Services
:  Our staff is trained to design services reflecting your needs.  Our goal is to listen, suggest, and go “the extra mile” to deliver ceremonies that bring comfort and meaning, serving each family as though they are the only one under our care.  Unlike most funeral homes, nothing we offer is “generic” or “cookie-cutter.”

Every remembrance item such as the guest register, memorial and order of such programs, are fully customized.  These and more are among the examples of exceptional value we offer at no additional cost.

Full Service
:  To simplify planning and offer convenience, families can select flowers, monuments and markers through Hockaday.  We can also assist in the selection of cemetery property, arrange almost any style of music and provide professional audio taping of the service.

:  We provide more options than any other funeral firm because we serve a varied clientele who expect to make choices.

:  It is the long standing policy of our firm that no one be denied services because of financial hardship.  If you do not have sufficient resources to pay according to our price list, we offer several discounted services, and we will make special arrangements within your means.  Hockaday Funeral & Cremation Service also provides services at no charge for local families who lose an infant and a substantially reduced charge when a child dies.

Before and After the Funeral
:  We provide competent assistance in arranging your service and thorough follow-up with filing life insurance claims and veteran’s benefits.

Choose Competence.  Choose Quality.  Choose People Who Care.