Will my pet be cremated individually?
Yes. Your pet will be cremated alone, and you will receive only the remains from your pet.

What do I get back?
Cremated remains, as they are called, are what are left after the process is complete. All or most of the soft tissue is gone. The skeletal system is all that remains. Remember seeing the remains of an animal that died in the desert? The bleached bones are what resemble the cremains in the crematory before they are removed. The "bones" are then ground down to a fine powder. The powder is what you receive back. More Than a Pet Crematory provides you will a beautiful metal container that is included in the price. Or you may purchase an urn for a nominal charge. Click here to see urns.

How will I be sure this is my pet’s remains?
We have an open door policy which allows you to attend the cremation.

Will you sell me an urn if someone else cremated my pet?
Yes. Click here to view urns.

How long does the cremation take?
The cremation cycle takes approximately eight hours from beginning to end. After the cremation is complete the crematory has to cool down for about two hours. We believe returning your pets' cremains back is our number one responsibility; therefore, we do not race through the cremation process. It normally takes us about a week to ten days to complete the entire process.

What is the temperature of the crematory?
At optimum operation the crematory is running at 1300-1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does cremation cause pollution?
More Than a Pet Crematory uses only the most technologically advanced equipment available on the market. There is no odor or smoke generated by a properly run machine. A tractor trailer operating on the highway will cause more pollution than at our crematory.

How do I get my pet cremated?
More Than Just a Pet Crematory works through your veterinarian in most cases. When your pet is put to sleep or dies the veterinarian calls us to come make the transfer. If your pet dies at home we can make arrangements directly with you to remove the pet and take it back to the crematory to begin the cremation process. There is a nominal fee attached to this service.

Can we pre-plan?
Yes, this is recommended as it is easier to deal with prior to your pet’s death. Click here for details (Curry on main site???)

Do you sell caskets for home burial?
Yes. We have a full line of caskets. Click here to view caskets.

Will you provide home burial?
Yes. We will prepare the grave site and complete the burial at your residence.

Do you sell monuments?
Yes. We offer a full line of monuments with the breed of your pet engraved on the stone. Click here to view monuments.

Where are you located?
More Than a Pet Crematory is located within the compound at Hockaday Funeral and Crematory Services. We are at 507 Highway 158 West in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. We are in northeastern North Carolina within 10 miles of the Virginia border right off Exit 171 on I-95.

Do you have a cemetery?
Not at this time.

Can we have a full burial service?
Yes. Arrangements can be made for this type service if desired.

How can we reach you?
Call or 252.537.6144 or send an email to jcarlisle@hockadayfs.com.

What is Cremation?
The cremation process is performed to prepare the remains of a loved one for their final resting. This process is carried out by placing the loved one's remains in a cremation chamber which is under intense heat. Each pet is carefully tracked by a specific cremation number throughout the entire process. Through the use of appropriate fuel, the incineration of the remains is completed and all matter is consumed or driven off, except for bone fragments and/or metal. These components remain because the temperature is not sufficient enough to consume them.

Due to the nature of the cremation process, any personal possessions or valuable materials left with the remains may be destroyed. Following a cooling period, the cremated remains, which vary in weight and amount depending on size are then swept or raked from the cremation chamber. The crematory operator will make every effort to remove all of the cremated remains from the cremation chamber, but it is impossible to remove all of them due to dust and other residue left behind from the process. After the cremated remains are removed from the cremation chamber, all non-combustible material such as screws, pins, and metal plates will be separated and removed from the bone fragments. The bone fragments are then granulated to a powder-like texture. The processed "cremains" are placed into a transparent pouch including a brass identification tag with your pet’s specific cremation number. The secured pouch is then placed into the desired urn or container and sealed. A label with your companions' name is placed on the urn. A cremation certificate is included with your pet’s cremains when returned.

Dignified and professionally administered cremation services are the reason we exist. We are aware of the relationship between you and your pet and how much your pet means to you. You choose to use the services we offer, therefore we respect the act of love you display concerning the proper ending of your pets life.

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